News from Europea Design's world

  • Anniversary, 100 years of a chairmakers family.

    We are pleased to have celebrated the year 2023 as a century of our family’s business in the chair industry. We are certainly proud of all this, but also aware that the markets present continuous challenges requiring us to make difficult choices and maintain a constant commitment to this industry. These are challenges that we take on to make our ancestors proud, feeling worthy of our history.


    It is in Udine, Italy, the cradle of the chair manufacturing industry, that EUROPEA DESIGN, a century-old family-run company, has created these high-quality chairs for you. Our designers have given life to pure and harmonious lines according to the best tradition of Italian design. Our know-how allowed us to manufacture these products with the greatest care, choosing the best materials, selecting the most beautiful fabrics and adding to them the very best finishes. This is how EUROPEA DESIGN’s PREMIUM chair collection was born. These chairs can be personalized and will integrate perfectly in any interior space, adding beauty while their comfort will delight you. Come discover them!

  • “EUROPEA Design” model configurator for IOS and Android

    The new Europea Design app, available on request, is a useful tool for setting up models with all the coverings and materials provided in the price list. Using a simple and intuitive software (Logiciel) you can select the product, zoom on it and rotate it to obtain a 360-degree-view (enhancing the design in every detail), before choosing the fabrics, colours and finishes of the bases. Once the configuration is complete, you will be able to submit the sales price to your customer, including your commissions. Do not hesitate to contact us to request your login credentials for the app and start the download!

  • The new Optical line

    The most recent addition to the EUROPEA line is called Optical and is a line of soft, enveloping seats (both chairs and stools) with a metal base, and its upholstery with very colourful fabrics with a geometric design and a strong visual impact! Conceived by the designers Carlesi & Tonelli of Area 44 for out customers who like to furnish things outside the usual scheme of things, without having to give up comfort.

  • The Pivot System, the swivel chair

    The Pivot system (swivel chair) is the EUROPEA DESIGN solution that adds further comfort to the chair without modifying its original design, and has been conceived to complete our range of products. The pivoting base is in epoxy metal and is currently available in the Chantal, Evelyne and Oregon models. The chairs in the Pivot version are ready to furnish any type of house or public space, such as a restaurant, hotel, bar or office, in a versatile fashion.

  • A new year and a new look!

    It’s a new year and we’re revamping our image! Starting with a new, refined catalogue. Easier to consult and even more complete in its information on the models and coverings, it uses carefully chosen photographs offering a wide range of furnishing styles and solutions, using our wide and versatile range of products, as always divided by categories. At the same time we have renewed the layout of the website in line with the new graphics used in the catalogue. Up-to-date, dynamic and with a more usable contents, together with updated news and information you’ll need when getting to know the world of EUROPEA DESIGN, including its history, philosophy and, above all, an even wider updated range of products and services available for our customers, both old and new.

  • Notre entreprise

    Customer’s needs and the evolution of markets lie at the heart of our business philosophy.
    We have for years been carefully following the evolution of the markets we are focused on, in order to quickly respond to and meet our customers’ new needs. Such an attention has made us highly responsive to every change in the market while seeking to anticipate the latest trends.
    We wish to stand out from our competitors by offering our customers a product that is available in more than 250 different kinds of upholstery  (cloth, skai and leather) as well as several finishes on wood (both on beach as well as oak) together with five different finishes on metal.
    We moreover offer customized staining or varnishing service, we accept the customer’s fabric or leather and we also dispose of a cloth cutting service.

  • CJADREARS-Chair manufacturers in Manzano

    Mr Medeossi  wishes to pay tribute to his ancestors with “CJADREARS-Seggiolai in Manzano”,  a book which talks about their lives and vicissitudes.
    The theatre of these events is nestled in the heart of the ‘chair triangle’ in Friuli, bounded by three municipalities, where Italian production of chairs is still concentrated today. This beautiful region located in north-eastern Italy lies on the border with Slovenia and Austria. This is where EUROPEA DESIGN Chair Company headed by Mr Costantino Medeossi and his wife Flavia, is located. Three generations of ‘chair makers’ (‘cjadrears’ in the Friulian dialect) have followed one after the other from 1890 to 1977, before that of Mr Costantino Medeossi.